The PlayStation 2 gets its own House of the Dead. Or rather, its House of the Undead.

User Rating: 9 | Vampire Night PS2
When you mix together separate awesome things, the result is usually... not so spectacular, like when three of Roald Dahl's short stories, amazing pieces of literature by themselves, became a play called The Honeys. Ugh. With Vampire Night though, when the two kings of light-gun games, Sega and Namco, come together, the result is a stellar, challenging, and all-round excellent light-gun game.

The game takes place in an alternate 2006, where progress is stuck in the 1800s because vampires took over. Then two 'humans' who are actually dhampyrs (look it up), Michel and Albert, come along to settle a battle they started 300 years ago with Sir Vampire a.k.a. Dracula a.k.a. Edward Culle- no, not that. Nevermind. The story is good for a light-gun game, but let's get to the fun part. Like every light gun game ever, the voice acting and dialogue is terrible, horrendous, awful, to the degree that it's awesome. The sound effects are largely the same as those in the House of the Dead games, and the music is good.

The gameplay is very similar to House of the Dead 3. You shoot, reload, lose lives, etc. You can play this game with a DualShock 2, but to get the true pleasure of shooting vampires in the head you should get a GunCon 2 or G-Con 45, both of which are supported by this game. Bosses have a weak point and a Cancel bar, which is filled by shooting their weak point to cancel their attacks. The gameplay is challenging, but the satisfying kind.

The graphics may look somewhat basic and even, to the harsher ones, bland to the untrained eye of someone who has never appreciated the evolution of video games, but back in 2001, the year of this game's release, they were the best graphics around and the graphics were one of the common points of praise for the game. They still aged well and the animations are excellent.

There were not a lot of light-gun games on the PS2, so calling it the best light-gun game on the PS2 might be overkill, but it's not a title it wouldn't have been a contender for. In fact, in light-gun games across all platforms, it's still one of the best.