User Rating: 9 | Valorant PC

I‘m not really a fan of fps games. I usually play games like Monster Hunter. Generalizing, I love playing MMORPG games with storyline like Final Fantasy. But recently, a friend of mine recommended me this game called Valorant.

I have played shooting games before like Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) Call of duty (COD) but never have I played a FPS games that uses skill.

Valorant is a game compose of agents. The agents are the characters you use in a game. Each agents have unique skills of their own. Also, valorant have various of game mode that you can play like unrated, where you won‘t worry about getting your rank down. Second, is rank game where you can test your skill and defeat random people to climbed up to the top. There are spike rush, death match, custom, and the new one is escalation.

This game requires teamwork and communication. In the game mode unrated, rank, and spike rush, a team of attacker and defender will be fighting. Each of team has 5 players with different agents of their choices. It also has variety of guns. You can also buy skins for the guns which is really cool.

Overall, this game was really fun and it become more fun to play if you are with friends. My experience at first was really bad because I’m not used playing FPS games so my aim is bad and I get bullied a lot by some people but that doesn’t really bother me. I know if I keep playing and practice I will eventually get better as long as I’m enjoying myself. I think the down part is if you really want to get skin for your weapon you’ll have to buy using real money but it’s all worth it. Those skins are lit and makes you want to play even more.

So, I’m giving Valorant 9/10 for the first FPS game that hooked me.