Valorant Review

User Rating: 10 | Valorant PC

Great graphics, unique agents, team gameplay immerse players into the game Valorant, a team-based tactical shooter game set in a futuristic setting. Players can choose and play from a set of agents that can be synchronized with the team of five. Communication and team strategy is very important in these types of games where a single player cannot “one man army” and win the game. Every player must know their role and do it, resulting in winning a round. First team to thirteen rounds wins, but it must be won by two or larger. This is a game where friends can come together to forget about the stress in their life and really just bond with the team while enjoying new and advanced graphics.

The manageable and clean looking game really is what really pulls users to Valorant. While playing this game first hand, I tested the visual graphics and noticed that it is very appealing to the eye. One thing that was said about this game by the developers while it was in the making was that they really wanted the graphics of the game to be easily run by all types of computers. They created different ways to minimize the workload for lower tier computers allowing more people to play. I really respect this move of making an active effort to really optimize the game helping people who cannot afford more advanced computer parts. Walking around the maps in this game I tried to take the time and look around at the visuals and was very impressed with how everything was placed including buildings, trees, and boxes. From the cherry blossoms to the towering skyscrapers, I felt like I was watching an animated show, but playing a video game at the same time.

The variety of agents with different skills is what sets this game so far away from others such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive where there are players without any skills or abilities. Adding skills to agents really mixes up the gameplay and really refreshes this genre of games. Players can now get creative with how they take control of sites on the map and how they fight others. Hitting the skills shots in the game also rewards the player with a very satisfactory feeling while at the same time helps out the team greatly. No other first-person shooter game has ever added abilities like these and have done it so well and this is what makes Riot Company so superior. They know how to scale characters and create a balanced structure of gameplay where everyone can enjoy and progress through the game together all while having a great time.

While playing games with your friends the sole mission is to essentially bond with them and create memories. This game does just that with no problem. When playing with my friends, we really try to compete and create our own cool strategies to defend or attack the other team's base. Talking on microphones is very important in this game as it is used to communicate where the enemies are helping your teammates. Things can get very pressuring as the game progresses, leading to heated talks with your friends. But at the end of the day it is all in good fun and sometimes the best way to bond is to butt heads with your friends. We also learn more about others when we are put in certain situations and Valorant does just that by forcing a person out of your group to step up and lead the pack or making two people who do not talk much to work together and ultimately bond.

Overall, this game deserves more recognition than it has and I truly believe that if it was on all platforms besides only the computer, everyone would be playing it. I really recommend this game if you enjoy competitive games that take strategy and practice to work your skills. Just like all games there is a learning curve that you must overcome, but in Valorant, this curve is a lot more generous and you will not feel overwhelmed with what to do in the game.