I have never hated a game more than this.

User Rating: 3 | Valorant PC

This game. is terrible. Im sorry if you think it isnt but you are wrong. I have voiced my opinion on this game to people and they tell me that my opinion is invalid because I suck. That doesn't even make sense. this game sucks because it sucks, my skill level is completely irrelevant. I suck at plenty of other games and still like them. I actually do decent most of the time in valorant. Even when Im doing the best in the match out of both teams it still isnt fun because half of the game is just waiting for the round to start. There is absolutely no reason there needs to be such a long wait for the rounds to start. especially when the game can go on for 25 rounds. I have NEVER seen anyone take longer than 5 seconds to get ready for the round but it takes 30 seconds for the round to start. every single round. There is no point for it to be that long. its terrible makes the game take forever and makes it even more boring than it already is.

Ontop of you waiting for rounds to start for half of the time youre playing the game feels like shit. The aiming is terrible. I have never played a game that feels this bad in aiming.

Now theyve added more game modes which are faster paced with respawns but still when the main game mode is such a pathetic flop why would i want to play the secondary game modes?

The progression system is terrible. the microtransactions are insulting.

The characters are boring. The maps are boring. The guns are boring, the abilities are boring.

this game sucks. The only reason I give it a 3/10 is because its atleast somewhat competent. Ive played worse games but i have never hated a game more than this.

Do not play. do not give riot any money for their shitty skins.

do not even install this crap