pimped out, though it could use more charecters.

User Rating: 9.9 | Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth PSP
awsome, awsome, awsome, to great to say, neeeds more gamepley, more charecters, but otherwise, pimped out to the max!
'starts dancing'
hey Lil Jon what do you think?
Lil Jon: WHAT?!?
Me: 'pulls out Arngrim's sword' what did you say? >:)
Lil Jon: 'starts sweating' OK!
just messin around, now back to the game, very fun, great battle system, nearly perfect in every way.
what more could you ask for in a game i ask you?
well, this game is satisfying, for me at least, but it is very short, if your a gamer who likes long games, rent it first, but you should like it either way.