This is a NICE games!!!!!!yeah!

User Rating: 10 | Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria PS2
well,i think it is so cool and awesome games!
well,i havent play it finished,but i know it is a nice game that i know it
The attack are cool!it just action games!yeah,i loves it!
when you want to attack enemy,you press two buttons then Simelia and ...(take bow...)??together attack,it so cool!!!!

play it and get them!Ah!dun forget to tell you all,it is RPG Games!!it so beautiful and nice!!!!erm...haha,now i only chapter 2 in lvl 4!:P
must try it!!!!it very a nice games and RPG games!!!Yeah,Awesome,cool,nice!Since combat can be risky business, it's often best to go straight for the enemy group's leader, who's always marked on your minimap. Take him out and you win automatically. And there's even more to Valkyrie Profile, though some of the game's additional complexities start to get rather obscure.