A Pop'n Music game with a twist, be ready to touch

User Rating: 9.5 | Utacchi!! DS
At first, when I got this game, I was expecting to find japanese music and PnM(Pop'n Music) styled characters. I really liked the game, I found some great songs. Unfortunately, the game is all in japanese, which is a pain to read. It plays like this:
You can play in 1, 3 or 5 lanes, just touch the red note, touch the yellow and slide the stylus up, hold down the blue note, for the green note, touch and move the stylus up and down repeteadly and fast. On the blue and green notes, don't forget to release on the note end.
If you like PnM or japanese music, this game is for you. For me too, I really liked it. Ah, don't forget to adjust the playscreen by touching the redbutton on the title screen, I had to do it.
A masterpiece made by Konami's Bemani division.
The only bad thing is that I had to import it, because it never came here.