urban reign is cool

User Rating: 8.4 | Urban Reign PS2
Urban reign's cool .there's so much to the game.the startin n endin parts are dam good...u gotta play it to see it. i donno y gamespot gave it a fair 6.6 when i wish it would have been given a great 8.4 well it has got some special features like the spa's and 'THE 'BRAD HAWK , the kicks,the weapons, mostly THE WHOLE STORY ,its awsome the story-the starting-then the twisting part (most of our enemies turn as friends ance they find that KG has not been kidnapped by brad...i'm not tellin u all any more u go find it out on ur own wat happens)-then finally the endin part.all the characters are also dam good in the game.namco has designed it very well but the bad part of the game is that its sometimes too repetative...well other than this rest whole thing abt the game's awesome