UUUUUUUUNNNNDDDDDDEEEEEERRRRRRRAAAAAATTTTTEEEED sick game if u like tekken or soulcalibur u better buy dis game

User Rating: 10 | Urban Reign PS2
this game is underated to da max all those cool combos its way better than soul calibur because its a fusion of tekken and soul calibur its just plain old fighting and tag battles are the bomb there story can get on your last nerve a lot but its easy on some parts there are no cheat codes for the pal version of the game which was dissapointing i have never been beaten by the best people in the world but it so proves i am the strongest person to ever play the game i can beat u 4 fun hahahahahahahahahahaha not much of a review ok the graphics of the game are good with ultra cool special effects when doing a special of when u have damaged a body part