Exellenct game from the creators of the Batman Arkham series.

User Rating: 8 | Urban Chaos: Riot Response PS2
Urban Chaos: Riot response is a underrated gem.This shooter developed by Rocksteady (Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham city) is alot of fun both alone on online. My exeptation where low when i bought it off a fleamarket but it turned out to be my favorite FPS on the PS2. The gameplay is good, the story is okay and the sound above avarage. You play as Nick Mason, an Elite Police Officer of Unit T-Zero. The nameless city is attacked by a league called Burners gang. You have to kill these guys with a bunch of awsome weapons like sawed off shot gun and a cleaver. The gunshooting feels great and controls are just fine. Its hard to descirbed the whole game in this review, so just buy it online for $4. You will not regret. You now know the basic of the game.

Sorry for my bad english. Im from Norway so english isnt my mother Language