User Rating: 10 | Urban Chaos: Riot Response PS2
What I think
This game "URBAN CHAOS riot response is one of the best games i've ever played and can't believe that game spot only gave it a 7.8 this should be a 9 at least!!!

The story Line
The storyline is based around a riot officer called Nick Masson (i don't know how to spell his last name) he has to go through the streets using what ever he can ,weather its a gun or a knife, to stop the war on the streets!!!

Guns, Knifes and Riot Shields
The weapons on the game are one of its main strong points you get a variety of weapons that you can upgrade to inflict more damage you also get a riot shield which is really help full against all kinds of attacks and you can even use it as a weapon!

The Graphics of the game are superb and give you a real idea of
what it would look like if you were really Nick Masson!!!

Here is my conclusion then, i give the story line a 4/4 because of all the surprises and excitement i give the weapons a 3/3 because you can upgrade them and there is a massive variety! i give the graphics a 2.6/3 because they are amazing but they could do that little bit more to make that much better so the overall score i give the game is 9.6!!!!