Worst game of 2012, congratulations!

User Rating: 2 | Uprising44: The Silent Shadows PC
Finally GS noticed this game has actually been released! Played this back in September, and what I remember most fondly is how terrible it is.

Let's start with graphics: hideous. Characters have huge creepy alien hands (with plenty of clipping issues) and the animation is some of the worst I have ever seen. And they actually used mo-cap for it.

Sound: TERRIBLE voice acting all round. Like Poles trying to speak English with an English accent, which makes them sound retarded instead. Why do so many games do this? If you are Polish trying to represent Polish, why not talk with your real accent?! It would make a hell of lot more sense than trying to sound English when all the characters are Polish!

Gameplay: worst part of the game (didn't think that was possible). You can barely aim, because your crosshair constantly move around. The guns have ridiculous recoil, you have to wait about a second in between each shot, even when using MG's, or else you won't hit anything. There's barely any ammo for any guns, which is extremely frustrating when the few bullets you have won't hit. The AI is beyond retarded. I actually got killed more by my allies than the enemy, whose tactics consists of running forward until you shoot them or standing still until you shoot them.

There are also these RTS sections which somehow manages to be even worse. At one point I had to protect two APC's who competed in who could drive the slowest (I think my toothbrush have more horse powers) against Germans with RPG's. To your disposal you have 5 idiots and a baby to protect them. Interestingly enough, I found it easier to complete this section when not ordering them to do anything, because every order to kill the RPG shooters resulted in them running around like headless chicken and getting run over by their own APC's, which was actually kind of hilarious.

I had enough when I got to a forced stealth section. A stealth section, in a game without any kind of stealth system. Instead, you have a meter that fills up when you are out of cover. When filled, you are spotted and fail the mission. Fun, right? Add to that you couldn't see sh*t, and you have some serious frustrations on your hand!

The game is really short as well, and yet I couldn't bring myself to finishing it. And when I'm not finishing a shooter, you know it's bad! Even at it's budget price, I do not recommend it, even if it's almost of "The Room" quality bad. Except that "the Room" is so bad it's funny. This game isn't.