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Hello, I come here in the forum, introduce yourself and your friends, the new design DangerZ, Unturned, an international game, which went live a little time and it's been very successful, is in BETA, but well worth play, since it is due version, the default for ordinary users are 12 slots for each server, since our server has released more than 200 slots, the first dedicated server here in Brazil, in a few weeks, we will become the server official Brazil, moreover, in a few days we will be the 1st WORLD server that will count commands for easier gameplay and server administration.

Prints: http://imgur.com/MNVhETh (Unable screenhots of players)

Download: http://store.steampowered.com/app/304930

IP: unturned.playdangerz.com

Port: 12242

We accept tips and suggestions, all that was to speak, is said up there Smile

Any questions, add me on Skype: raafamoota.