I recall many nights of playing adrenaline filled TDM, Highly recommended especially for LAN Parties!

User Rating: 9 | Unreal Tournament (Best of) PC
If you're not into fast arcade style shooters this ISN'T for you,It's a fast,jump around style game where you're seconds from being blown into pieces off the map :P It's also definitely got the sporting feel to it due to all the stats it keeps on everything which I love and have never had any trouble with AI or anything like that and have spent many,many hours just in offline mode playing with bots. I like UT2004 and 3 aswell but I always end up coming back to the original we're everything is just far smoother and easy to access everything.

Only complaints would be that the graphics are outdated but it came out in 1999 so what did you expect? Also I'm sure theirs plenty of mods for that anyway :) Overall a great game and I strongly recommend it for LAN Gamers or just if you have some time to fill with a quick game! It's only a few dollars now so why not?