One of the top 5 best first person shooter games ive played.

User Rating: 10 | Unreal Tournament (Best of) PC
I wont even try to count how many hours I spent playing this game on all the maps against the computers. Unfortunetly, I never got this game to work online, im sure the gaming experience was awsome, because the computer kept me quite occupied for a long time. The graphics are really good and the blood and gore is quite satisfying. I liked the weapons in this game, the ripper, the machine gun, its just funny filling their bodies with bullets and watch them still standing while they take those bullets. And its funny the way they described the kill too, like this one "Taarga got turned into a leaky piece of meat with the machine gun" Man that and other quotes just crack me up big time. My favorite weapons though were the sniper rifle, which I have got countless headshots and the redeemer, which is the best and most powerful weapon of all time. The gameplay is excellent, with plenty of weapons to use and if you put them in the game quite a few power ups that makes the game more interesting. They had some very fun modes to play in this game, Assault mode was really fun, especially the D-Day invasion map, that one is always fun to play. And my favorite is Capture the flag, which I have spent more time playing that mode alone, than some entire games that i have. But this game is just great, the team play, the graphics, the sound effects and music. There is nothing wrong with this game as far as I am concerned. A great game that all first person shooter games should aspire to achieve this games status.