User Rating: 9 | Unreal Tournament III PC
This game is exactly what the title suggests, unreal. The minute I played that game I was hooked. Killing people in it is so much fun, you can not help but chuckle with evil pleasure. While playing the game, I found that the vehicles are awesome, but the way you drive gets confusing because the position of the camera changes your direction.

Using the weapons can be the perfect pickup for a bad day. Story mode on this is suprisingly fun. when you play online, everyone is focused on winning that there is no talking, but still its fun the play death matches. At first glance Unreal tournament looks like just another shooter, if you think that you are dead wrong. Probably in the top 10 shooters and way better than Haze will ever be, no one can resist its call to play it. All in all, I liked this game very much.