Good game but doesnt feel all that new .not all what its cracked up to on pc yes,but good enough onthe xbox?yes

User Rating: 7 | Unreal Tournament III X360
for some reason this gamedoesnt feel right now!..:

still like the graphics,,but it could have been better;p ,,graphics,,feel a little weak and dated even for a 2007 game to be;p,,i still enjoyed this game,,even if..

to huge levels,,dont like where u spawn,,u can transport yourself ruins it a little yah? all the new stuff ucan do,,doesnt help ut for me..vehicle yes cool,,the y dont drive well enough.. for me,,riducilous..too big maps even those maps with little inspirtation with maps,,some maps are just plain fun-- get rid of skateboarding,,and tranporter and vehicles,,replace it with soemthing else than it would have been muc better

the good is that its still awesome to play...nice amoun of weapons,,how they play,,boom!,,,good enough graphics,,,awesome colors..campaign cool,,i dont like all the voices in the game,,they r so repeating.where do u spawn? just stupid...capture the flag all the modes still fun and the rocket launcher still fun

But this game lacks inspiration of some sort,,i dont know why,,look at quake 4 who has it but ruins it with too little support,comon

the vechicles and how they crash and dissapear ..all this doesnt feel rite,,how the game plays feel right,,just not everything else

but still good old fun
team based fun,,co-op fun or online fun etc:D

take care:p!