A fun time for all, lol

User Rating: 8 | Unreal Tournament III PC
This game is fun, it has the fast action, scaring you to bits kind of pace...the people seem to just pop up right behind you lol. But! I do miss the tournament ladder of Unreal 2, granted you couldn't customize your character like this one...but the ladder was extremely fun. If you're looking for a single player tournament game this doesn't really do much the campaign is pretty fun but who woulda thought that the people you are helping somehow put respawners in their city, lol, it almost seems like war with the ability to come back after dying. Although the others had (what seems like) better tournament based campaigns and ladder matches for the characters this one seems to be unique, you can also run people over with the hover cars, it will appeal to some and it will not appeal to others. I do with there was more of a character selection, whatever happened to a wide assortment of people like in UT2K4? So all in all the game is fun and has the editor so you can try to mess with it, haha. (This game is $30 at EB or GameStop for some reason Best Buy is still trying to sell it for $50 through this site when you click "get it from")