Quick, Bloody, Satisfying.

User Rating: 9 | Unreal Tournament III PC
Warfare, Death-match, Team Death-match, Capture The Flag(CTF), CTF w/Vehicles... what the hell more can you ask for when looking for a massacre?? Wicked fun, just keep that impact hammer charged up while running to your next kill.

Warfare gives a distinct Battlefield feel except that its very fast paced, if you are a Battlefield fan, you just might like this game.

Among the weapons, the Impact Hammer is something that really satisfies if you are into close range combat... provided you can get close enough to land a hit. Its the perfect payback tool.

Unreal Tournament is not for people who like the usual slow-paced shooters... this one is FAST. There is not much time to think, just run and blast everything that gets in your way, if they burst into a mist of blood and gore, that's an added bonus, just remember to grab every pick-up along your path of carnage.