I wish I could return it to the store.

User Rating: 7 | Unreal Tournament III PC
Pretty simply put the game isn't necessarily bad, other than the very annoying menu system and the lack of graphics options. Game play is similar to the other UT games of course, but seems like it lost some of its unique aspects. Graphics seem to look washed out on my computer compared to UT2004.
There are so few people and servers playing this. UT2004 still has more players by far, not to mention COD4 totally blows UT3 away for player base.

Is it worth $50 price tag?, hardly, I feel I would be better off just playing UT2004 instead. Maybe over time with patches and mods it will evolve into a better game, as it is right now, its nothing that great.

Side note, anyone who gives this game a 9 or better is just a fanboy.