UT3 looks great and the combat is fun, sadly it's half the game UT04 was.

User Rating: 7.5 | Unreal Tournament III PC
UT3 seems like it was first created on the consoles then ported to PC. The main menu is horrible, not only the layout but the color scheme as well. The option settings have been extremely toned down and the game modes have taken a serious hit. Warfare replaces Onslaught and Assault, it's basically onslaught with new vehicles and some extra little touches. Besides that mode there is the DM, TDM, CTF, Duel, and the wtf?! CTF with vehicles thrown in. Overall I was very disappointed to see such little customization for a UT game. I recommend picking this game up in about a year once patches and mods are out. It's really a waste of money to buy it right now unless you will use the UnrealEd. That is basically the only reason I bought the game at release. Even though I was disappointed, the core combat still is fun, the graphics are amazing, and it's something I will be playing for years to come just like UT99 and UT04 before it.