Easily enjoyable by any FPS player. Played the other games? This is a must get for Unreal fans.

User Rating: 9.5 | Unreal Tournament III PC
Well the game itself is reolutionary, it brings back the original flavour of the first game into the next generation of gaming. All the guns are the same but theres a slight edit , the Minigun is now a Stinger Minigun and the Assault rifle isn't icluded anymore, the enforcer is back instead. The plot to the campaign is that you are Reaper a member on the Ronin clan, your home and family were destroyed in a Necris joint Krall attack, Reaper swears vengeance on Akasha the lead Necris. The campaign takes you through many areas on the planet and it shows you all the kind of game modes that are available to the game. There are your normal Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch games, CTF, Duel and Warefare. Warefare was first introduced on UT2004 and now UT3's campaign is mainly based on this game mode. There is Vehicle CTF which gets the vehicles involved, makes CTF a bigger challenge as you cant take flags inside vehicles, you only have a hoverboard to move faster, if you get shot you fall over droping the flag, the maps for this game mode are bigger than the average CTF map.
Overall this game is a great success and it's even more fun with the Xbox Live features because you can do Co-Op campaign also. The graphics are stunning and the control system is very good, easily adaptable and you can get good at the game quickly with enough experience.