Unreal tournament 3 is simply a joy to play.

User Rating: 9.5 | Unreal Tournament III PC
Gameplay 9/10
Really you can't go rong with the gameplay it's fast,bloody and easy to get into.There are a nice collection of modes here with the main hubs being single and multiplayer. the single player campeign is actually a very nice feature since theres some amazing looking cutscenes and tons of missions though it's not as great as the multiplayer since this is the series that made team deathmatch awesome you really can't find a more fun and well put together multiplayer game.

Graphics 9/10
Ok im gonna start by saying when everything is at its best this game is breathtaking.Sadly there are a couple techical bugs with some odd pop in and some muddy textures.But all in all a real treat to look at.

Sound 10/10
Everything about the sound is put together perfectly.The guns are loud and full of punch.The voice work is great and the music is fantastic.

Value 9/10
It all depends on whether you like online or not.If you do then you'll get months of enjoyable gameplay.If not then the game runs dry quickly.

The Good
The classic UT gameplay is at it's best,great looking graphics,amazing sound,plenty of online thrills

The Bad
The single player story could have been a little longer,if you're not into multiplayer then this is not the game for you,some od technical bugs.