UT3? wow i still couldent get over ut04! but its finally here and so far seems really promising.

User Rating: 9.5 | Unreal Tournament III PC
Ut3 seems fun seems great and seems much better then 04 Graphics wise. you see ut04 was a great game it did so well ive had my share and stoped playing it because of all the stupid mods ppl created. U cant get used to the original game because ur getting used to duel wielding flak canons and shooting 20 X's faster then normal. im pretty sure there going to do it to UT3 so my suggestion is if u don't want users tampering around with ut3 and u like to play the game the way it comes out then go buy it on a platform if not and u like then obviously get it for PC. Im more into PC games but come one with all the servers and the custom game settings users bring out how the hell u going to join tournament matches and such when ur used to different way of playing? Over all there isent much of a difference between ut3 and ut04 both are great games both deserve to be played. But in my opinion NO game can beat Q3 arena =) they should make Q3 arena reinvented Oh and for the users Stop tampering around with the game leave it to the pros!peace =).