Good on its own but nothing eye catchy

User Rating: 8.5 | Unreal Tournament III PC
Hello folks welcome to the inter galactic blood bath yet again!!!
You know own its own this game is pretty good, but it is not the only game in the series meaning it has to live up o expectation if not exceed them.
Sadly for me and loads of the other epic game fans it was not up to expectations. I mean you still have the interesting fast paced killing with better graphics and some superb environs and a killer multiplayer but the single player mode sucks as much as ever, making this game a must have for online players only.

After the initial success of gears of war i, a thorough unreal fan was expecting a a top of the list action game. The action is there but there is nothing more that makes you wanna think about after you're done for the day.
Everything said and done i thought that the lack of a solid offline mode was the achilles heel of this game(for those noobs who dont know what an achilles heel is ,it means weak point)and unfortunately it is a major setback