Pretty baddass, need another like this in the future

User Rating: 9 | Unreal Tournament III PS3
Great game for the ps3 thats exclusive ( for the time being anyway). I've always been a quake fan multiplayer wise, and its been great to have that fast paced action back in the game. Graphically this game is... well... for lack of better words Freak-in amazing!Thank you HD. I haven't seen any frame rate issues nor lag for that matter in the online portion. With so much content its hard not to be fully satisfied.
In summation, if you like fun, fast, and furious online play, get UTIII. If you're looking for more from a game, this might not be for you. I'll probably play this game for a month or two, and then possibly return it, so check for mountain_duwe's used UTIII copy at a GameStop near you.
This game is a great pickup especially because it is definitely the best shooter since resistance and i state this claim boldly it is ever growing so be sure to expect updates along with new maps and other great surprises that i know the developers have under their sleeve so do not forget to check this game out because it is a great shooter for every fan.