Run, Gun, Fun.

User Rating: 8 | Unreal Tournament 2004 (DVD Version) PC
Unreal tournament has a rich history of being a highly addictive and engaging arcade shooter which is good at doing one thing only - Fun.
The concept is simple - You play as a Human, Skaarj, robot or any other character you select, and you then have to proceed through qualifying rounds and league tables all the while building a crack squad of lunatics and psychopaths to help you win the Unreal Tournament.
The star of the show is not the storyline however, but the multiplayer, which awesomeness' rivals that of Call of duty or Timesplitters. The pure, undiluted, fun there is to be had comes in by shiploads as you quite literally (if you have the lowgrav mutator on) fly through the levels, dishing out the pain by the bucket-loads.
The game does lack depth though, offering fast fighting only, with no camping or snipers in sight, but this is the trade off for the fun to be had.
The gameplay is basic, but polished, allowing for fast, fluent gunplay and tactical usage of noob tubes and grenades.
The graphics are basic, but do the job, and the sound is brilliant with each soundtrack and clip being perfectly suited to the level or weapon it is designated to.
Overall the game is best described as a one trick pony, offering light, entertaining fights but if you are looking for depth, your in the wrong place.