The ultimate game.

User Rating: 9.8 | Unreal Tournament 2004 (DVD Version) PC
Unreal Tournament 2004 is the ultimative mix of fast combat and skills. I think its one of the best FPS's out thare. If you don't really care if the game is similar to reallity and you just whanto have fun, i think this is the game for you. It has tons of maps, diferent gametypes for players with diferent needs, many many skins etc.

But while you are playing single player ("story mode"), which is pretty good by the way, you haven't seen "nothing" if you don't check out the online expiriance. Im not saing that other, newer FPS's are bad, but for example in the military FPS's it sometimes depends on your weapon and aim... what im trying to say is, that in the military FPS's, u need some skills (aim...). But in ut 2004, you need crazy aim, movement, knowing enviroment, listening to the voices your enemy does, predicting his next move... I'm a big fan of unreal tournament series and i still think its the main FPS in the world, it still has its charm, of crazy dodging and shooting around with cool weapons (not like q4 for example, i dont know why did they change it so much, the could at least leave skirmish). UT has ammazing cool moves and dodges. You can dodge like crazy. You cand dodge on the ground, double jump, dodge from walls... and you can combine these all etc.
To own this game you need insane skills and speed (its like chess, hehe)

***WARNING*** Below this section is some information about gametypes, if you know the basic gametypes and weapons and are not a total n00b to this game, you will not find anything interestnig. ***WARNING***

Lets go a little mor into details.
UT 2k4 has 11 Gametypes :

Assault - One team need to achive some goals, whilst the other team needs to defend these goals and prevent the other team for achiving them. One of the less popular gametypes online.

Onslaught - A new gametype, you need to take nodes and when u got the last node, you can attack their base. You also have veichles, a first thing in the ut series. This gametype is pretty fun.

Capture the Flag - A classic. A favorite gameype of many gamers. You need to take the flag in the enemy base and take it back to your flag. If they took your flag too, you need defend the flag your carring and wait for your team to get back your flag.

DeathMatch - A classic. The must have in ut. It's my personal favorite. This gametype shows your skills. Its a free for all (every man for himself).

Teamdeathmatch - A mixchure of capture the flag and deathmatch. Two teams battle it out. Only the frags give them points.

Double domination - The least popular type. It's not going to be in the next ut. You need to control two points on the each side of the map at once. This game tipe is stupid becouse its not always your fault that you loose.

Bombing Run - Its a tactical gametype. Its simmilar to handball, including crazy weapons, blood and killing.

Mutant - The player who is the mutant has bigger powers then the other players and is the only one that scores. Who kills the mutant becomes the mutant. It can be prety fun.

Invasion - You just wait in the map and creatures and aliens atack you in wawes. It's cool to check out, but gets boring.

Last man standing - The oposite of death match. You have limited number of lives. When you die you loose one life. It's basicly last man standing, who doesn't exceed the death limit wins... and he is the last man alive.

Instagib CTF - It's capture the flag, but with insta gib rifles :))). This was a big hit in UT99 and my personal favorite back thare.

Weapons :

Translocator - A teleporting device.

Shield gun - Primary fire- charges up. Its a malee weapon. Secondary fire-its a shield that can reflect some of the weapons.

Assoult rifle - Primary fire- shooting bullets (low damage, low accourency)
Secondary fire- Granades

Bio-rifle - Primary fire- Shoots bio balls. Secondary fire- Charges up bio and then shoots a big bio ball which is somtimes lethal.

Mine layer - Used in onslought. You drop spider mines and then control them by a laser.

Shock rifle - A favorite of many players. Primary fire- shoots a shock beam.
Secondary fire- Shots a shock ball. You can preform shock combos by shooting a shock ball with a shock beam. Shock combos are one of the hardest and most beautiful kills :).

Link gun - Primary fire - Shoots green energy projectiles. Secondary fire - Shots a green laser, it is pretty powerfull. You can repair veichles with it.

Avril - Used in Onslaught. You lock them on a veichle and they are very efective and hard to avoid.

Minigun - A powerfull and easy to use weapon. It shoots fast and damaging bullets.

Granade launcher - Used in Onslought. It lounches granades which you trigger with the other fire button.

Lightning gun - Its a bad version of a sniper rifle.

Sniper rifle - A cool rifle. With a scope.

Flak rifle - A very powerful weapon. It's very efective in indoor maps. It's a must have.

Rocket luncher- A must have. IT shots rockets. It can load up three rockets and shoot them in a spiral or just ordinary.

Ion painter - Paints a mark with a laser. After a while that mark is shot by a ion cannon from the sky. Its a big explosion.

Target painter - Similar to Ion painter. Except with the target painter, we got a plane that is droping bombs.

Redeemer - A classic. A powerful missle that can be shot. Or can be controled by you.

Well this was my first rewiev. I hope you liked it.

Unreal tournament is defently not a waste of time...

Have fun