I just love blowing everybodies heads off.

User Rating: 10 | Unreal Tournament 2004 (DVD Version) PC
If you own one of the first two unreal tournaments, buy this one.
this game is friggin steazy.It crazy.

I love just runnin around blowin everybodies heads off.
If you think halo is good, wait till you play the Unreal Tournament series.
The graphics are amazing, the levels are awesome especially since there are so many of them.You cant go wrong with tons of levels.

The vehicles are awesome too.I dont use them much though.
its much more fun to just turn on mutations and jack the speed up to like 5 times faster than before and just run everywhere killing people on foot.

Im telling you now, go play single player first.
beat it and everything, then go play online.
You may think you are good, but when you get up against
people who really are good, your no match.

Its just an overall masterpiece.
Ive played no better fps.

If you dont have a computer thats powerful enough to run Unreal Tournament 3, buy this game.