Unreal again!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 9.2 | Unreal Tournament 2004 (DVD Version) PC
Unreal...2 The Awakening was a very good game and back then in 2004 Unreal Tournament ruled over the multiplayer section of gaming.
It had what to be proud about.

The story starts with the coming of the Unreal Tournament hosted by the Liandri Corp.You are one individual who wishes to make it there.You gather a team and go and kill everyone who stands in your way.
But this is the singleplayer mode and the real fun comes in multiplayer.

The graphics were very good at that time but still it could have been better.The sound is pretty good and helps for the futuristic atmosphere.

As I said at the beggining the singleplayer campaign is The Tournament.
The multiplayer is extremelly good and keeps you on the action.There are a lot of game modes varrying from the classic Deathmatch to the new Onslaught mode.Anyway it must be played.Different combos add to the variety of things you can do.Vehicles are present as well.
The fans have been generous and have made a lot of mods for it and now when Battlefield 2 is out people still play it.