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User Rating: 9.4 | Unreal Tournament 2004 (DVD Version) PC
Unreal Tournament has come a long way since the original. It has been through twists and turns. And now on March 19th 2004. Atari, has changed the face of PC gaming forever. If you havent got or even played this game. It should definitely be on your must try list.

The original Unreal Tournament, was trully one of the best games to ever hit the store shelves. But now this game has also earned its place on the shelves of greatness.

The games gameplay is simply undescribable. It just has one of those natural things that makes a gamed flow. Not a lot of games have that quality. But once you have loaded up the game. Its pretty much time to get fragging. With u to 8 game styles to choose from this game has a lot to offer in the replay value.

Another great quality of this game is the graphics. It is trully what you need in a game like this. Once you have completed the installation proccess. The game will choose the necessary graphical settings. And depending on that, the game will take its course and amaze and impress you. Which of course can be changed with a few clicks in the settings menu.

Fast paced, is a good word to describe this game. It is exactly what you would expect after playing the original. And with over 12 weapons to choose from you can find interesting and creative ways to completely combust your enemys. In a veriaty of more than 50 maps to choose from.

The maps in this game, come in completely different veriaty's. Some have the 2020 year setting while some are set deep in a jungle. To a abandoned warehouse.

Another new feature in this game is the Onslaught game style. Basically Onslaught is a new addition, were your team puts its best qualitys against the opposing team, to link up all the power nodes to deactivate the force field. Making it possible to attack and destroy the Power core. To secure a victory. But be aware if the power node link is destroyed you will no longer be able to attack the core.

Single player, is bigger and better than ever. It is focused on you and you chosen team, qualifying and con-coring the up coming tournament. You need to guide, command and construct your team to victory over 12 other challenging teams. The single player alone should keep you playing for well over 10 hours or more.

Online mode. Is probably the biggest and most time consuming consept of this game. It has over 500 servers and over 5000 players at any given time of day. So there will always be somene to battle it out with.

And if your talented enough with the new feature of Unreal Tournament, otherwise known as "UnrealEd toolset". You can create modify your own maps and skins. And then publish them online, to show the whole world how talented and how your imagination works.

But overall the Online feature will keep you playing for a very long time. You can meet up and frag it out with some friends. Or just test your skills on some unknown challengers. Or even learn soem hidden tips and tricks hidden deep in the confindment of the map. Should keep you playing for up to 80 hours. Depending on your consistancy.

There are so many new features this game has to offer that the original and 2003, didnt have to offer. Such things as Wall Jump, new weapons and over 40 new maps. So theres loads to make this game different from the others.

So Overall this is a brilliant game and you should give this great 1st person shooter a try. The chances are you will fall in love again all over again, since playing the original. And has so much replay value. You could still be pondering on this game in years to come.