User Rating: 9.1 | Unreal Tournament 2003 (Best Of) PC
The all awarding Unreal Tournament 2003, the game that went farther then the first. Though the first UT was a stretch and was just trying to put something out there, how did they know that "putting something out there" was gonna cause pandomonium. This game has everything you could possibly want out of a FPS genre. It has gore, marksmanship, and of course...ATTITUDE! The graphics in this game were WAY above average because i run a high end computer and i dont think i saw one part of any character or map that made me cringe or turn my head so i wouldn't see it. This game's graphics are REALLY polished and if anyone thinks otherwise needs to meet what my friend "Redeemer" has to say in response. The Sound in this game is awesome nothing sounds better then hearing the sound of an exploding rocket you just launched at someone rip apart there body and hearing the after effects of there blood and limbs hitting the pavement. And what would UT 2003 be without the usual taunts and attitude that came along with it. Unlike the other deathmatch type games that are out there UT2k3 really put some effort into making the game sound really good and i believe they did an excellent job. This games replay value only gets a high score because there are PLENTY of people out there that need this game to let off a lot of steam and to blow off somebody's head every now and then. Though granted this game is not for the faint of hearts but it is for people who have the need to disembow someone til there hearts content. Now go out there and insert some hot metal shards into someone's @$$.