Unreal Tournament 2003 Cheats For PC

  1. Unlocking Brock, Lauren, and Malcolm

    Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock the boss characters for play.

    Contributed by: Cereburus Q 

  2. Unlock Malcom, Lauren and Brock the EASY way

    Warining: This cheat involves editing the contents of your ut2003.ini file. Improper editing could cause the game to stop functioning properly. It is best to create a backup file before you perform this cheat.
    Add the following lines into your ut2003.ini file:


    Contributed by: KingCarrot 

  3. Hidden picture of Cliffy B (Lead Designer at Epic Games )

    During a game on the map Asbestos go to the room with the lightning gun and up onto the raised balcony. If you stand exactly where the four adrenaline pills are located and look directly up you will see a tall narrow alcove in the ceiling against the wall. You need to shoot the ceiling in the alcove five times. You know you have shot it correctly as the text ''ownage'' will be displayed with each shot. With the fifth shot you need to run as fast as you can down the ramp to your right, past the string of five health vials and down the narrow corridor. When you reach the small room at the end of the corridow look up at the top part of the wall above the shock rifle, opposite the corridor you just came down. If you are quick enough a picture of Cliffy B with the text ''Miss me?'' below it will be revealed from behind a sliding wall. You have to run quickly as the wall will slide back to hide him approximately seven seconds after the fifth shot.

    Contributed by: mooseboy 

  4. Bots with game developer names

    If you input your name as ''CliffyB'' (without the quote marks) and play an Instant Action game against bots, the bots will have the names of the Epic Games developers.

    Contributed by: mooseboy 

  5. Console Codes

    Press ~ to bring up the console and type in:

    Effect Effect
    BEHINDVIEW 1 3rd Person View
    add bots <integer #> Add indicated number of bots
    Walk After using ghost/fly mode, this will return you to normal walking
    LOADED All Weapons
    allweapons All weapons
    loaded All weapons + full ammo
    Amphibious Allows you breathe underwater
    suicide Commit suicide
    open <IP address or map name> Connect to server or load map
    ViewBot Cycles the camera through bots
    ChangeSize # Decimal values less than 1 will decrease player size and greater than 1 will increase player size.
    stat none Disable statistics display
    stat all Display all statistics
    stat game Display game statistics
    FLY Flying
    GOD God mode
    ALLAMMO Infinite Ammo
    KillPawns Kill all actor pawns except the player
    KILLPAWNS Kill All Bots
    killallpawns [class] Kill all pawns in that class
    killall [class] Kill everyone in that class
    KillViewedActor Kills the actor the camera is centered on. DO NOT KILL YOURSELF as it can lock up the game!
    STAT FPS Lets you see your Frames Per Second
    Lock Camera Locks the camera in it's current position
    PlayersOnly Makes the level a player only level
    setspeed [floating point number] Multiply speed by indicated number
    GHOST No Clipping
    freezeframe <floating point #> Pause the game for indicated duration
    avatar [class] Posess a pawn of that class
    demorec <filename> Record demo
    setfogb <floating point #> Set blue color component of fog
    setcameradist [floating point number] Set distance from camera to target
    setgravity [floating point number] Set gravitational pull
    setfogg <floating point #> Set green color component of fog
    setjumpz [floating point number] Set jump height
    setfogr <floating point #> Set red color component of fog
    setflash <floating point #> Set the duration a screen flash takes to fade away
    JumpMatch ## Set the first # to the desired ladder number and the second # to the desired rung number
    STAT NET Shows you your statistics online
    SLOMO # Slo-Motion
    summon [item] Spawn indicated item
    stopdemo Stop recording current demo
    Teleport Teleports you to where your crosshair is pointing
    summon vehicles.bulldog Test Vehicle - Type in the console ''use'' without the quotes, to get into the vehicle
    open vehicledemo Test Vehicle - Type in the console ''use'' without the quotes, to get into the vehicle
    invisible [true or false] Toggle invisibility
    playersonly Toggle level to players only
    logsciptedsequences Toggle logging for all scripted sequences
    cheatview [actor] Toggle view to actor
    causeevent <event name> Trigger the indicated event
    freecamera [true or false] Unlock camera from player
    ViewFlag View from where the flag is at
    viewactor [actor] View indicated actor
    viewclass [player] View indicated class
    viewplayer [player] View indicated player
    SkipMatch Win the current match and advance in the ladder in single player
    listdynamicactors Write all dynamic actors to log file

    Contributed by: GTA Assassin X, Undergrads2003, xiox, eli0918, divad999 

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