Unreal Tournament (1999) Cheats For PC

  1. Use Boss Skin without completing Single Player campaign.

    Find the file user.ini in your UnrealTournament\System directory.

    Create a new line in an open space called: [BotPack.Ladder]
    Under that line print: HasBeatenGame=True

    You should be able to use the Boss skin in single and multiplayer.

    Contributed by: KFM 

  2. Enable 1600x1200 resolution.

    Open UnrealTournament.ini in the UnrealTourmanet\System folder.

    Search for "FullscreenViewportX", then change the value to 1600.
    Go to "FullscreenViewportY" right below, and set the value to 1200.

    Save the file and play UT.

    Contributed by: Mike J. 

  3. ''Pretty Fly.... For a White Guy!''

    This is found on the map dm_codex. In the map, there is a square room with a pillar in the middle and a hallway on each side. Go into the hallway with the lift on the right wall and another wall straight ahead. Go and stand right by that wall. If you stand there long enough, a door will open, revealing a hidden room. Inside of the hidden room is a picture of Cliffy B., a co-designer of Unreal Tournament and text that says ''Pretty fly''. If you shoot the words, they'll change and say "For a white guy".

    Contributed by: Liu Domi 

  4. Cheat Codes

    Press ''~'' after turning on cheats(enter iamtheone in the console) and type:

    Effect Effect
    behindview 0 1st Person Mode
    behindview 1 3rd Person Mode
    addbots (number) Adds the specified number of bots
    loaded All Weapons
    Walk Disable Flight and Enable Clipping
    fly Flight Mode
    playersonly Freezes all non-player charatcers (bots).
    summon chainsaw Gives you the Chainsaw
    god Invincibility
    killpawns Kill All Enemies
    allammo Maximum Ammo
    ghost No Clipping
    open X Opens map, where "X" is the name of the map.
    slomo (1.0-10.0) Set Game Speed. Default is 1.0
    summon impacthammer Summons the Impact Hammer.
    summon supershockrifle Summons the Instagib.
    summon razorjack Summons the Ripper.
    Setjumpz # Type any number 1 or higher where "#" is, and your jump height will change. You don't get hurt no matter how high you set your jump.
    say X Your character says a message, where "X" is the message.

    Contributed by: drxia00, Carbito, bstorer, HM Master, BrakZero, Lord GCN, Xythar, Ido Skira, Lord Loofiloo 

  5. Boss Skin

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the Unreal Tournament campaign on any difficulty. Boss Skin

    Contributed by: goldendigitalmaster 

  6. Reics

    During game, push the T button, delete \"SAY\" and enter the following: these codes are relics which are activated on the mutaters menu.

    Effect Effect
    relic:strength doubles wepon power
    relic:speed improves your speed
    relic:vengance kills anything in blast radius after the person who collect\'s it, dies
    relic:defence lets you take more hits
    relic:regeneration regenerates health
    relic:redemption transports player to a safe location after health goes to 0

    Contributed by: vinnie0107 

  7. Weapons Cheat List

    To get a weapon wherever you want, press '~' to bring up your console, then type in the names below. the weapon DOES respawn after a while in the same place.- Remember - just type in loaded to get all weapons.

    Effect Effect
    doubleenforcer enforcer x2
    ut_flakcannon flak cannon
    minigun2 minigun
    pulsegun pulse gun
    warheadlauncher redeemer
    shockrifle shock rifle
    sniperrifle sniper rifle
    ut_biorifle the biorifle
    chainsaw the chainsaw
    ut_eightball the eightball
    summon.unreali.quadshot Unuseable hidden weapon that was take out of the final game (four barrelled shotgun)

    Contributed by: mikstar, Stejpan 

  8. Record\View demos

    You can record a demo of yourself playing the game and then play and show it to your friends or view it for your enjoyment. Press space after the record\play commands and specify a name for the demo you want to record or play. Note that a demo will stop recording once a match ends but you can stop it yourself before that, if you wish.

    Effect Effect
    Demoplay (specify name) Plays a prerecorded demo. Specify the demo's name after the command without the brackets.
    Demorec (specify name) Records a demo. Specify a name after the command without the brackets.
    Stopdemo Stops recording of current demo.

    Contributed by: Ido Skira 

  9. Various pickups.

    Whenever you want to summon powerups press the "~" key to bring the console up, then type the following codes to summon that item in front of you. Note that the pickups will respawn after awhile in the exact spot you summoned them.

    Effect Effect
    Summon medbox Summon a Health Pack +20.
    Summon healthvial Summons a Health Vial +5.

    Contributed by: Ido Skira 

  10. Ammo.

    If you're low on ammo and there isn't any around you can summon it for the weapon you want. Press the ~ key to bring the console up and type in the following:

    Effect Effect
    Summon miniammo Summons 50 bullets.
    Summon eclip Summons a clip.
    Summon pammo Summons a pulse cell.
    Summon rocketpack Summons a rocket pack.
    Summon Shockcore Summons a shock core.
    Summon bioammo Summons Biosludge.
    Summon flakammo Summons Flak Cannon shells.
    Summon bladehopper Summons Razor Blades.
    Summon bulletbox Summons Sniper rifle ammo.

    Contributed by: Ido Skira 

  11. Creature Summoning

    Open the console menu, and if there's enough room around you, type in a code to summon up a monster (including the Squid monster that was never used in the final version of Unreal) or a hidden cast of bot players from the original.

    Effect Effect
    summon.unreali.babycow Summons a Baby Cow
    summon.unreali.bird1 Summons a bird that flies around
    summon.unreali.maleonebot Summons a bot player from the original Unreal
    summon.unreali.maletwobot Summons a bot player from the original Unreal
    summon.unreali.malethreebot Summons a bot player from the original Unreal
    summon.unreali.femaleonebot Summons a bot player from the original Unreal
    summon.unreali.femaletwobot Summons a bot player from the original Unreal
    summon.unreali.brute Summons a Brute
    summon.unreali.cow Summons a Cow
    summon.unreali.cavemanta Summons a flying manta
    summon.unreali.giantgasbag Summons a giant gasbag
    summon.unreali.krall Summons a Krall
    summon.unreali.mercenary Summons a Mercenary
    summon.unreali.nalipriest Summons a Nali Priest
    summon.unreali.biterfishschool Summons a school of biting fish (they flop around outside of water)
    summon.unreali.devilfish Summons a Shark
    summon.unreali.pupae Summons a Skaarj Pupae
    summon.unreali.skaarjplayerbot Summons a Skaarj that plays like a bot
    summon.unreali.squid Summons a Squid (Hidden enemy that was removed from the final game)
    summon.unreali.tentacle Summons a Tentacle
    summon.unreali.deadbodyswarm Summons some flies

    Contributed by: Stejpan 

  12. Various pickups.

    Whenever you want to summon powerups press the "~" key to bring the console up, then type the following codes to summon that item in front of you. Note that the pickups will respawn after awhile in the exact spot you summoned them.

    Effect Effect
    summon healthpack Summons a Big Keg 'o Health.
    summon ut_invisibility Summons Invisibility.
    summon ut_jumpboots Summons the Antigrav Boots.
    summon armor2 Summons the Body Armor.
    summon udamage Summons the Damage Amplifier.
    summon ut_shieldbelt Summons the Shield Belt.
    summon thighpads Summons the Thigh Pads.

    Contributed by: Ido Skira 

  13. Creature Summoning

    Open the console menu, and if there's enough room around you, type in a code to summon up a monster.

    Effect Effect
    summon unreali.nali Summons a Nali.
    summon unreali.queen Summons a Queen, but it'll telefrag you when it spawns.
    summon unreali.warlord Summons a Warlord.

    Contributed by: WarDemonX 

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General FAQs FAQ by JPaterson 83K
General FAQs FAQ/Strategy Guide by farmerBob and Apathetic Aardvark 165K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Orgulo 322K
In-Depth FAQs Capture the Flag FAQ by MorpheusDV 69K
In-Depth FAQs Domination FAQ by MorpheusDV 64K
In-Depth FAQs InstaGib FAQ by Freezard 20K
In-Depth FAQs Monster Hunt FAQ by MorpheusDV 101K
In-Depth FAQs UnrealEd FAQ by David Newton 73K
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Unreal Tournament (1999) Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Special Online Commands

    Unlike the Offline commands (see the code about Ghost mode, God mode, etc.) these commands actually work online and will give you a huge advantage. As usual, press 'T', 'ESC', and then quickly press the 'SPACE' key; this will bring up the command bar. Here you may type commands, and here are a list of great commands that many do not know about.

    SetAutoAim 1: Auto Aim for mouse.
    SetAutoLock 1: A controller exclusive feature which locks onto your opponent and rarely misses him/her.
    Set Input {letter here} {Command here}: Set a command to activate (say I put God mode on the 'A' key, I press the 'A' key and the God mode command is activated).
    Feigndeath: Lay down and 'look dead' (This does not always work, but it's a good way to trick people).
    Open {Number here}: Sends you to a white box room or freezes.
    Open Address here)?Char=20: Spectator Mode.
    Open Door: Will show you a cool picture if you do it a few times.
    Set input a say|say|say|say|: Floods the screen allowing you to say more than one sentence in the touch of a button. (If you do the say|say|say| enough it will mess up and create FPS drop, this is known as the lag command)
    Set input a extra0: Auto Lock command that works with mouse.
    Ppp: Instant Freeze.
    Showall: Funny, just try it.
    fov{Number here}: It makes the graphics glitch or draw.
    Suicide: Commit Suicide(NOTE: If you use this in a TDM it will lower your teams' score!)
    Throwweapon: Throw away your weapon.
    Open{Server Address here}?Char=10: Will let you change servers as a player instead of a spectator.

    These all work online and most give you mad advantages(Auto Lock andd extra0) or are just cool to use(Showall, Spectator Codes!).

    Contributed by: x DyCe x 

  2. Hidden Music Tracks

    In the Dreamcast menu select Music, then play any track 4 or above and it will be music tracks from the game!

    Contributed by: Thestuffman 

  3. Cheat Codes

    Use the codes below when the game is paused, unless otherwise noted:

    Effect Effect
    Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left 999 Ammo
    Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up God Mode
    Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Right Replenish Health
    Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left (on Tournament Mode/Deathmatch, pick Oblivion on match screen, then enter code during game) Skip Levels

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt, Stephenm806 

  4. More Cheat Codes

    To activate the console, you need a Dreamcast Mouse, and Keyboard. If you meet these standards, then do the following: Press the T key once, then hold the ESC key, then press any letter on the Keyboard. Now type in a cheat below:

    Effect Effect
    allammo 999 Ammo for All Guns
    fly (type 'walk' to deactivate) Flying Mode
    loaded Get Random Weapons
    ghost Go Through Walls
    suicide Kill Yourself
    behindview 0 Return to Regular View
    behindview 1 See Behind Yourself
    hidehud (type 'showhud' to deactivate) Turns off the HUD

    Contributed by: LiMpBiZkitFaN 

  5. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Go to Network Mode, then Account 2 (Login: admin@sega.net; Password: tenages), connect/save settings, then go to Practice Mode SegaNet Levels
    Complete Deathmatch, Domination, and Capture the Flag Modes on any difficulty Single Player Challenge Mode

    Contributed by: DarkAngel, falsehead 

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General FAQs FAQ by stevensproat 22K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Orgulo 322K
In-Depth FAQs Weapons/Armor/Items Guide by BrakZero 21K

Unreal Tournament (1999) Cheats For Macintosh

  1. Cheat Codes

    To enter in the cheat codes (in 1 player games), press tab, and enter in the following codes for the desired effect. You can repeat the process to disable the cheat.

    Effect Effect
    Playersonly Any 'monsters' in the game will freeze.
    fly Fly Mode
    loaded gives you one of every weapon
    god God Mode
    Ghost Makes you 'ethreal' so the entire map is hollow.
    allammo Maximum Ammo for All Weapons
    Slomo x.x Sets the speed, where 'x.x' equals the speed setting (1.0 is the normal setting). For example to slow down to half speed, put in 'slomo 0.5'.
    Walk Turns the Ghost (and Fly) modes off.

    Contributed by: Slim, WOODENSTICK 

  2. Summoning weapons & monsters

    You can summon objects in the game. For example, you might want a redeemer to splatter your enemies. All you have to do is enter the summon code for the redeemer and it'll flop in front of you (note that most of the objects require you be on the ground have have plenty of space in front of you and also note to summon when playing on a server, as with all other codes you have to be logged in as an admin!).

    First of all bring up the console or quick console and type 'Summon Unreali.X' where 'X' is the thing you want to summon.

    These are just a few of the more useful things you can summon. If you have several monsters and unnamed bots you can remove them all by typing killpawns in the consle or quick console.

    Effect Effect
    shockrifle Spawns a ASMD Shock Rifle
    ut_biorifle Spawns a Bio Sludge Rifle
    chainsaw Spawns a Chainsaw
    ut_flackcannon Spawns a Flak Cannon
    health Spawns a health pack
    Krall Spawns a Krall
    Mercenary Spawns a Manta
    minigun2 Spawns a Minigun
    Nali Spawns a Nali - Friendly if unprovoked, I think.
    jumpboots Spawns a pair of anit-gravity boots
    pulsegun Spawns a Pulse Rifle
    Queen Spawns a Queen - These buggers are a real challenge so if you're bored...
    warheadlauncher Spawns a Redeemer
    ut_eightball Spawns a Rocket Launcher
    shieldbelt Spawns a Shield Belt
    sniperrifle Spawns a Sniper Rifle
    Titan Spawns a Titan
    Warlord Spawns a Warlord
    enforcer Spawns an Enforcer
    doubleenforcer Spawns two Enforcers

    Contributed by: Slim 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ by JPaterson 83K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Orgulo 322K
In-Depth FAQs InstaGib FAQ by Freezard 20K
In-Depth FAQs Weapons/Armor/Items Guide by BrakZero 21K

Unreal Tournament (1999) Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Additional Levels

    Complete the game on Inhuman difficulty to unlock 7 Death Match and 4 Capture the Flag levels

    Contributed by: bhsf2006 

  2. Codes

    Effect Effect
    Unlock all levels and secrets Create a saved game file. Then, select resume game from the Unreal Tournament starting option screen. Then, highlight the file you want to unlock everything in and type in this code: up, down, down, up-left, up, right, down.
    Unlock Fatboy In the main menu press Circle, Circle, Circle, Up, Left, Left, Up, Circle, Circle, Circle
    Unlock Big Head Mutator In the main menu, press Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, CIrcle, Circle, Circle
    Unlock Stealth In the main menu, press Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle
    Level Skip In the middle of a level, press pause and hit UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, O.
    Unlock all characters Left(2),Circle(2),Right,left,circle
    All ammo Pause game and press Left, Right, Circle, Circle, Circle, Right, Left
    Invincibility Pause the game and press Square, Circle, left, right, Circle, Square for invincibility. After you complete a level the effect of the code will disappear, so keep in mind that you have to enter it in each level.

    Contributed by: gameringerrr, dhopkins007, Bruno, Flynnman69, Mr Malone 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ by El Greco 60K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by ORCA782 29K
In-Depth FAQs Weapons/Armor/Items Guide by BrakZero 21K