User Rating: 8.6 | Unreal II: The Awakening PC
OK...This is the review you want to read. I’m going to tell it to you how it is. First this game does not suck as far as first person shooters go. It has a lot of pros and only a few cons. The good things include descent story line, really pretty graphics and sound, good game play, some fun weapons to use, and overall, fairly fun to play. The cons to this game are few but they’re BIG. First of all there is no multiplayer support whatsoever and this game isn’t exactly long. It’s not really short either but it’s short enough to make paying $50 seem about as smart as electing Hilary Clinton to the Presidency. If you have the chance to buy it used for cheap or borrow it from a friend then I think that getting the game would be worth it. As it is, all the good things about this game don’t fit the price tag. And that’s the way it is.