User Rating: 5.8 | Unreal II: The Awakening PC
I've played a lot of FPS's. (Half life, Unreal/Tournament/...Thief...yummy) Never in my life have I actually fallen asleep while playing a game. Literally. The graphics engine on this baby is without a doubt the most incredible gaming experience. Problems? Zero plot, not enough heart stopping action, WAY too much load time/cut scenes. I held off from buying the game initially when I read Gamespot's reviews, and listening to my friends complain about how disappointed they were. When I saw it used for a lower price, I figured “hey it can’t be that bad.” The issue isn't that I hate this game, or was sorely disappointed in it...its just that during the game and after I finished it...I just didn't care about it anymore. The game really leaves you feeling like there's no point what so ever. I remember salivating over pics/news of this game in development and thinking man this game is gonna kick Halo's butt! Now I can't wait for Halo to arrive on the PC. Buy unreal 2003. Same engine, without the dang cut scenes. Or get Battlefield 1942 and never fall asleep during a game again!!!