User Rating: 9.5 | Unreal II Gold Edition PC
Unreal XMP is one of the most incredible multiplayer games I have ever played. XMP combines the fast paced action of Quake 3 with jet pack hopping reminiscent of Tribes and blends it perfectly with outlandish weapons and the most well balanced vehicular combat in any game to date. The thing that struck me first about XMP was its simplicity, you can pick up the game and start playing like a pro within an hour. Theres is only one gametype, and thats more than enough for me, because the XMP gametype is nothing short of outstanding. XMP combines the best elements of all of UT 2004's gametypes into one. Players choose one of the 3 classes, the Ranger, Tech or Gunner. Each team starts with 2 of the 4 artifacts on the map. To win, one team must control all 4 artifacts at once, much like the domination gametype, but the artifacts are mobile giving the game the feel of CTF with multiple flags. Using either one of the vehicles or your own jetpack (you cover ground extremely quickly no matter which way you travel) a player must make his way across the map to the opponents side of the map and pass through a gateway at their base to retrieve an artifact, and then return it to their own base. The game isnt as simple as all of that, simply retrieving all of the artifacts is not enough, your team must also take control of various items on the map to fuel their efforts. There are not only stationary turrets throuhout most of the maps, there are also deploy points, which act as respawn points for your team once captured. Individual players have to watch how much energy they have, because energy is necessary for both using your jetpack, as well as use of your deployables, such as turrets and land mines. Not only must you regulate your own energy use but players must watch the energy use of their entire team, to gain more energy your team must capture and hold power generators. Energy dictates everything, wheter your team can make turrets, your deployables are operable and even if you have enough power to capture an artifact at all. The game may seem complex, but it all blends seamlessly into the action. The single player is not half bad, but the XMP multiplayer is so well done that I can easily recommend this game to any fan of first person shooters.