User Rating: 9.2 | Unreal II Gold Edition PC
With the addition of XMP (which is all I really play because the single player is so flawed in comparison), you cannot pass this game up for 15-20 dollars. The multiplayer resembles team fortress and some other class based multiplayer shooters, but with the addition of well thought out vehicles, turrets, weapons, and a very fun scoring system that rewards you for carrying out even the most basic of tasks within the game, most people who enjoy shooters in one way or another will find something to like about this one. The graphics are polished and add to the gameplay as well, though here's hoping your computer has some horsepower (all good on a Ti4200 for me). Finally, the included maps show off the many facets of the game without sacrificing playability and architecture. They are as fun to observe for their sheer size and scope and craftmanship as they are to play.