User Rating: 5.8 | Unreal Championship (Xbox World Collection) XBOX
I don't get it. I'm checking out the scores these other people gave this game and wonder if they're playing the same thing. I'm glad they had fun. First off this game is way too fast I mean you're flying around tunnels at mach 3. Second, most weapons are one hit kill. How many different types of rocketlaunchers do you need? Online was choppy and there are geeks who memorize respawn areas, camp there and kill you as soon as you respawn...yaaaay!! Thanks geeks! That sure took skill. How people can compare this with Halo is beyond me. Play this then play Halo and taste the difference. If 300 MPH, dying every 4 seconds then dying again because some goof knows where you're respawning is part of the PC FPS experience they need to stay on the 15" monitor, I'll just keep playing Halo...still.