Unreal Championship is a good multiplayer battle game, but isn’t good for much else.

User Rating: 6.8 | Unreal Championship (Xbox World Collection) XBOX
The game plays well, a lot like any other generic first person shooter. You have a first and secondary fire with a variety of unique weapons that have different aspects to them and aren’t just a series of bullet shooting rifles. The best aspect to the game is the variety of games you can play, like capture the flag and other innovative battle games. There are also plenty of different characters to choose from with very different features like men, women, and a large variety of freaks. The game is mostly for multiplayer action but does include a single player mode.

The game looks good and has many different environments to battle in. The character models aren’t as good looking as the stages but they aren’t horrible looking either. In one or two stages during heavy combat with many characters in the same area fighting you may see the frame rate bog down a little but it’s not bad and not for a long time and it’s only on one or two stages. Possibly the games best feature would by the games music. Unreal features some great stage themes and a really good menu screen theme. The guns aren’t overpowering in sound and could use some improvement.

The single player mode can be beaten fairly quickly; there are only 29 battles to win. You obviously can play multiplayer with your friends, play single player stages, and you can play on Xbox live. Overall, I personally enjoyed this game though it is incredibly arcade style and a little faster pace then I prefer. But, it’s a good game to hold on to for when you have some friends over and you don’t want to play multiplayer Halo, Killzone, etc.