A great game.....A must buy for all FPS fans.

User Rating: 9.3 | Unreal Championship (Xbox World Collection) XBOX
The first time I saw Unreal Championship played,I thought it was just a Quake 3 wannabe,but I was soon corrected by buying the game and playing it for myself.

Although Unreal Chamionship may have some similarities to Quake 3,Quake 3 does'nt match up to the gameplay,or intensity of Unreal Championship.

The story for UC is quite simple,people from all across the galixy fight in arena like games to see which team of elite soldiers proves themselves to be the best.

The graphics for this game are'nt anything impressive,and actually the worst part,but if you can play past that,you won't regret it!

The gameplay,when you start seems to be your average shoot em' up kind of game,but when you get into it,you'll find great team-based features,such as follow me,attack certain positions,and much more.

The sound adds to the intensity of the game,cause as your fighting,you will hear several taunts from your enemies,and friendlies as well.The sound overall is great as well.

The online component is simply awesome,you can join clans,battle others,keep an online ranking,and more or less destroy all who oppose you.

There's also an offline multiplayer component,which adds to the fun,so if you don't have an online connection,you will not be dissapointed at all!

This game is now relitively a cheap game,all the way down to $10,so if your looking for a great multiplayer-based shooter,put this one on your list!

This game is worth it,and I reccomend this game to anyone...Assuming you don't judge games by their graphics...But if you can't,don't buy it.

Enjoy again!