If you have Xbox Live Get this Game! If you dont stay away. Best FPS on Xbox Live right now.

User Rating: 9.2 | Unreal Championship (Xbox World Collection) XBOX
Unreal Championship is the best First person Shooter on Xbox Live Hands down. However if you do not have Xbox live this is not the game for you. The Online action is incredible. Plenty of game modes and servers. 4 players split screen on Xbox Live is incredibley fun. The weapons are nice and balanced. Everything in the online mode just comes together buetifualy. The maps are big yet not to big,they are also very fun to run around and explore, snipe ETC. The weapons are very different and unique and nearly every weapon can be just as lethal as the next if used right. The Sound and Graphics are very great also. So Inconclusion if you have Xbox live and like First Person Shooters this is a must buy, if not then stay away. And also you can find Unreal Championship new for 20 bucks now since it is a platinum hit