User Rating: 1.6 | Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict XBOX
Alright I will start by saying I have been a fan of Unreal since the first games, when Unreal Tournament came out for PC I loved it and played it to death. Unreal Championship was Great too but THIS... I mean WTF?!

I have tried SO Many times to 'like' this game but no matter how much I play it, it still doesn't change my Total disappointment with it. It was a waste of money and I don't know what went wrong when making this game to take such a nose dive. (Remember this is my own personal opinion and I respect that people do like this game and thats why I tried many times to like it and I mean MANY times)

Well for starters there is no 'feel' to the game... its like the game is 'action-less' and as for the weapons they were just boring. Some good-old-classic were just junk and I found myself getting more kills with swords & such but thats just Not Unreal to me...
Plus the bots were as boring as shooting fish in a barrel and no Assault maps... I mean Common! They were the best fun! And to replace them with boring game modes like collecting balls, just reminds me of some bad 80s futuristic sports movie.

Sorry to the people that liked this game but I didn't, I am Very Disappointed with it and will not recommend it to anyone since I just can not make myself like something like THIS!