Great blend of third person melee and classic UT combat, Epic has created a must have shooter for any Xbox Live player.

User Rating: 9.2 | Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict XBOX
Unreal Champioinship is not your run of the mill shooter, but it is an excellent one at that. Epic games has created a unique shooter that blends classic UT gameplay with third person melee combat.

The single-player game consists of a story mode called "Ascension Rites" where you take on the role of Anubis, a soldier of the Nakhti Imperial Legion, who must enter the Ascension Rites to stop a puppet of the Liandri Corporation from becoming Emporer. This is a tournament of a series of matches that you must win in the games various gamemodes to get to the top. Another gamemode is the Challenges, where you must overcome a series of almost impossible situations where you'll be at a disadvantage. The third gamemode is Tournaments, where you choose one of the games 15 characters and battle your way through an Unreal Championship tournament. One of the main incentives to complete the single player is to unlock all of the games characters. Every character has their own unique melee weapon for combat.

The Graphics in UC2 are great, and some of the best ever seen in an Xbox shooter. The character models are crisp, weapons look good, and the environments are fantastic. The sound is just as good, and gives the same atmosphere as all Unreal games.

The best part of Unreal Championship 2 is the multiplayer over Xbox Live. Supporting up to 8 players in all of the games 6 game modes - CTF, Deathmatch, TDM, Nali Slaughter, Overdose, and Survival. It includes a fully functional ranking system, and over 40 maps, which makes the replay value in this game almost limitless.

Overall Unreal Championship 2 is an excellent shooter, and perfectly lives up to the Unreal name. If you don't have Xbox Live, it's still fun, but it's harder to recommend as the games true fun lies within its amazing multiplayer. But if you have Xbox Live, there is no reason not to have this game.