One of the best things ever to happen to the Xbox.

User Rating: 10 | Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict XBOX
Unreal Championship was the xbox port of the PC game, Unreal Tournament 2003. Now, Epic and Midway have released Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict and it is amazing. UC2 is an unreal game, but is unique from the other games in the series. Unlike other Unreal games, UC2 is in a default third-person perspective although this can be changed at any time. UC2 also introduces melee weapons to the arena. Each player has a sword of staff of some kind that can inflict massive damage and even reflect shots back at an opponent. UC2 comes with many classic game modes such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, survival and even introduces new game types like nali slaughter and overdose. UC2 plays similar to a fighting game in some ways. Before you go into an arena, you pick your character. Each character has different health and agility ratings. You then choose 2 weapons to take into the fight. Weapons include unreal classics like the rocket launcher, flak cannon, and shock rifle. Every player in the arena will have 4 weapons - Melee, dual pistols with unlimited ammo, one energy weapon, and one explosive weapon. UC2 is meant for multiplayer but also comes with modes for singleplayer gamers. UC2 has a story mode which follows the character Anubis as he attempts to become Emperor. The story is loosely held together by cinematics, but any fan of unreal will tell you, the story is not the reason you want this game. The game itself has brutally entertaining action as characters gracefully jump around the arena pulling off insane combos and even the instant-kill melee attack known as the coup-de-grace move. This move does not unbalance the game however because it requires you to stun an enemy with your melee or pistols, then press a series of buttons in a specific order, which appears on your screen. The game not only comes with the campaign mode, but also with different tournaments and challenges as well as an instant action mode, where you compete with or against your friends in split screen, or against bots which are pretty skilled. UC2 was produced by Midway and due to that, has several influences from their major hit series, Mortal Kombat. You can switch out the unreal announcer for the Mortal Kombat announcer and even unlock Raiden as a playable character. The game ships with around 50 maps to battle on and is super fun. It should be picked up by any fan of the unreal series, or anyone who loves Xbox live.