UC2 makes Halo 2 look like a boring game of pong..yeah..Its that good!!

User Rating: 10 | Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict XBOX
OMG people, I just cant describe how awesome this game is!! I'm glad the wait is over, because I have now gained posession of one the best Xbox games I have ever played in my life..No seriously, this game is absolutely amazing. In a past review I gave Halo 2 a perfect 10, but we can make that an 8 with this game in the competition. Anyways, for a basic intro, this game blows Halo 2 away. Lets start off with gameplay. UC2 has such fast paced and fluid gameplay, that it will totally stun you. Whether you are diving through the air while performing a fierce attack, or barely dodging a cluster of rockets just in time to capture the enemies flag, it all feels perfect. Control response is spot on, and the button configuration works outstanding considering that pretty much each and every one of them is used in a way that works great during combat. If you think the new 3rd person view would be cheesey considering past UT and UC games where 1st person, think again. The ability to switch into third and 1st person on command is easy as pie and works suprisingly well. UC2 sports about 50 different maps, can you believe that? Lets go grpahics now. All of the maps are well designed ranging from indoor space stations to outdoor valleys littered wih tombs and temples. They all look great too, I mean really great. Character desings are unique and the cutscenes for UC2's story mode are gorgeus. All in all, the only thing you need to know, is that this game looks outstanding and if you have complaints,well...umm..you shouldn't have them... Sound wise, this game also exceeds amongst other shooters where you play as a *cough cough* mastachief. Everything from gun sounds, character taunts, and the announcers psychotic voice all sound superb and definently aid to the adrenaline pumping experience that is Unreal Championship 2. The game gives you the option to switch the announcer to the MK announcer, who adds a heap of evil to the game, which i totally reccommend. Overall, you wont be dissapointed with the sound at all. Overall (again), Unreal Championship 2 is worth every dime if you have Xbox Live. Those without Live might be missing the actual great part about the game. Its packed with content and is more exciting than any matchmaking game in Halo 2 i ever experienced. if you were hesistant to buy, dont be, this game is extreme, and by extreme, i mean super awesome, and by super awesome, i mean...ehh, just buy it..