Improvement over the previous installment.

User Rating: 10 | Unravel Two XONE

Unravel one was great, a very unique game (well developed and original on this way). Unravel two is even better. I played this game with my 7-years old daughter, and we both enjoyed it so much. The visuals are great, the soundtrack matches the story. Again, the graphics are superb (this game was played on Xbox One X).

The main story has few chapters (like 7-8), it is very short game. It can be beaten in few hours. Playing Co-op is very fun, there are a lot of situation that needs both thinking to solve a situation. The best part is that I played it with my daughter and I could see how smart she is. :)

Each Chapters have their own environment, story and their own challenges.

It is included on EA games on Game Pass, so if you have not tried it, give it a chance.