Uno proves to be a great game with not a single flaw and the multiplayer is where its at.

User Rating: 9 | Uno X360
Uno is a great game. I bought it on xbox live after the trial and have spent a good deal of time with it. Here's my review and how i feel on it.

Graphics- 9

Well its not really meant for graphics. Everything looks fine as it should and playing as your avatar is a plus.

Game play- 9 The game play is amazing. Its simple too. all you need to press is A to put down your card and use the analog to chose. and when ever you get a chance press x to call someones uno and press x to call uno when you have 1 card left.

Story- N/a Its uno so it doesn't have a story. this doesn't count.

My Enjoyment-9 This game is very fun, simple, and addictive. I play it all the time when my friends want to and even when i get tired of a game I've been playing i just go to this and can spend up to ten hours on this. I give it a 9/10.