Old school classic to play with your family.

User Rating: 8.5 | Uno X360
Uno is one of those old classics that I grew up playing with my family. Sit around the table on a boring night with nothing else to do. Now, in the computer video game era, it is nice to have a game that you can still sit with your family. I have a couple of family oriented video games that I can play with my girls. It is so easy to play, that my 3 year old can play and she is in to electronics already. No violence, only family fun and very enjoyable. Very easy to learn. The rules are a little different than most people play, but I have noticed that everybody usually have their own rules. The graphics aren't the greatest, but what can you really expect from a card game. The music playing can get really annoying, but if you are like me, just turn the sound off. If you are looking for a family game to play with your kids or brother/sister, give it a try.