Uno is an enjoyable card game that will keep you entertained for hours

User Rating: 7 | Uno X360
Audio: 3/10
Rather poor. Features very annoying music that will get on your nerves. Lame sound effects as well. Very poor.

Visuals: 510
Average visuals that aren't bad but aren't good either. Nothing special about this game so far.

Playability: 8/10
This game is very playable and very enjoyable. Single player and Multiplayer modes are fun. Anyone who loves Uno will without a doubt pick this game up. However the game is very cheap and you often find yourself getting very angry with the fact that you just called Uno and someone played a Wild Draw 4 on you, It gets on your nerves quickly.

Delivery: 5/10
While it does bring that classic Uno fun to your xbox, It isn't a great game. As I said the audio is very poor and the visuals arent amazing, It really lacks in those two big areas. Gameplay is fun but as I said, it gets on your nerves.

Achievements: 7/10
You can get 10 achievements in the first day of getting the game and only two achievements are really challenging (Winning 40 games total and 10 Four Player games online). Other than that its your basic play a certain card a certain amount of times, So on and so forth.

Overall: 7/10
Gameplay makes the game worth it but don't expect an amazing game. It's worth the MS points though if you want something to do or if you love Uno.